I've Had My Baby, Now What?
by Shalay Struhs

Print on Demand Publisher Your Step By Step Guide to Surviving the Postpartum Year Safely and Naturally
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ISBN: 9781478712732
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HEALTH & FITNESS / Acupressure & Acupuncture (see also MEDICAL / Acupuncture)
Feb 12, 2013
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Many women find themselves unprepared for the physical, mental, and emotional changes they experience after childbirth. The hormonal surges are more dramatic than at any other time in a woman’s life, and these intense hormonal changes can cause a wide range of symptoms and problems. There are a plethora of books written about the various stages of pregnancy, but there is very little information available about the postpartum stage. I’ve Had My Baby, Now What? addresses this concern with a step-by-step guide to safely and naturally balance your hormones—significantly diminishing postpartum problems and healing the body faster and more effectively than ever!

About Shalay Struhs

About the Author: Shalay Struhs is the mother of 6 children whose births span 17 years. She is a successful businesswoman who has owned and operated her own business for 10 years. She is a native of Idaho but currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona, with her husband and children.

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