Trouble in the Elf City
by Anna del C. Dye

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ISBN: 9781432730468
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FICTION / Fantasy / General
Nov 21, 2008
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It all began with The Elf and the Princess. Now, Anna del C. Dye returns with even more medieval adventure in the highly anticipated follow-up...

Three years have passed since the Orks and Tahitans destroyed the proud kingdom of Menarm, and the Silent Warrior hasn’t been seen since. Adren, the land’s last princess, has settled comfortably into her new life as wife to the powerful Dellin in the kingdom of Lothia. But all is not well. When a mysterious enemy shatters their peace, an enemy the elfs appear powerless to fight, complete annihilation seems imminent. Will Adren witness the destruction of yet another kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world? Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all?

Inspired by the great tradition of J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, Anna del C. Dye’s Trouble in the Elf City is chock full of warfare, romance and swordplay while offering a highly original tale of adventure. Enter the lushly detailed fantasy world of elfs and men in Book Two of The Silent Warrior Trilogy.

At that precise moment, four of the catapults were fired simultaneously and four massive rocks flew through the air over their heads towards the building full of their women.

They could do nothing to prevent it. With horror in their eyes, the elfs saw three of the rocks cave in two walls while the other crashed through the roof. The screams from the frightened women inside were almost drowned out by the sound of the crumbling walls. In an instant, the whole building had collapsed to the ground, and buried within all of the women.

The elfs were so horrified at the scene that many fell on their knees, as their heads bowed in sorrow. They had tried to save the women, but instead they had put them in harm’s way.

5 Stars, Delightful Fantasy… Dye has created and developed fascinating characters. Her plot skillfully draws the reader into the world she created… Fans of fantasy will enjoy Trouble in the Elf City.- -- Debra Gaynor for

About Anna del C. Dye

Anna del C. Dye was born in the far South, a twin and one of five siblings. Early on, she discovered a talent for sewing, and has designed and created costumes for several dramatic productions.

At 19, she met and married her own Prince, moving north to Utah to start a family; she and her husband, Rodney, have four children. It was Rodney who first encouraged her to write.

Anna's books are backed by serious research, and she has even trained with the United Clans Swordsman Association to ensure her battle scenes are just right.

Anna, who is fluent in English and Spanish and who understands Portuguese, currently lives in Taylorsville, Utah, where she is hard at work on Book Three of the Silent Warrior Trilogy. You may visit her on the Web at

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