Tin Lizard Tales
by Schuyler T. Wallace

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ISBN: 9781432712549
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TRAVEL / Essays & Travelogues
Sep 23, 2007
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The author, while on a train trip through the United States and Canada, describes and comments on the people and places he sees. His reflections--sometimes critical, sometimes comical--are eye opening and wide in scope. The reader will enjoy Wallace's swats at thoughtless people, cringe at his depictions of animal cruelty, and laugh out loud at the personal predicaments he and his wife confront. Environmental stupidity, life in big cities, foolishness disguised as zealotry, terrorism, and political hacks are just a few of the topics he kicks around using the insight and common sense one might expect from an opinionated old man who's been around. Surprisingly, he also conveys warmth and unblushing tenderness--a threat to his crusty reputation.

As kids, we were constantly being whistled off the Soquel, California trestle by passing trains. We were just eight or nine years old, full of piss and vinegar, and small town antics were all we had to keep us entertained. Radios hadn't been invented yet--at least we didn't have one--heck, I didn't even know how electricity worked. Still don't. So we played on the trestle.

About Schuyler T. Wallace

Born and raised in California, Schuyler T. Wallace is a retired fire chief who wants to be a journalist when he gets older. He's in his seventies, although declining to say at which end, and a heavy reader and coffee drinker. He thinks he knows a lot about everything and in his first book, TIN LIZARD TALES: REFLECTIONS FROM A TRAIN, he attempts to convince all the doubters.


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