Small Miracles
by Prof.(Hon.) Architect Askin Ozcan

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ISBN: 9781598001006
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Sometimes such occurrences happen, it is impossible to call them “coincidences”. This book is about such incidents which have happened in the life of the author, which are stunning and confirming that there is God. You will read thirty very interesting incidents true to the last word. As the author has lived in a variety of countries – Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, England, U.S.A., Canada - the incidents told about, have occurred in a diversity of cultures, which makes the book even more interesting and colorful.

(A copy has been presented to and well received by His Holiness The Pope Benedictus XVI.)

I couldn't go to my fiance's birthday party without a present! I thought of not going to the party, but Anne was waiting for me and probably told her friends that I was coming. It would be a big disappointment for her. I was thinking on the sidewalk about what I should do. Time was running out! Suddenly a big truck stopped in front of me at the red light. Then it took off at the green with such speed that its back doors opened and a parcel flew out to the road. I wanted to take the parcel, but I was afraid that someone might see. But, there were only two persons around, one on a side street about a hundred yards away, the other on the main road about two hundred yards away. I went to the middle of the road and picked up the parcel. My first thought was to put it into the mailbox on the corner, but as I inspected the parcel, I noticed the address was ripped off. It could neither go to the addressee nor to the sender.

About Prof.(Hon.) Architect Askin Ozcan

Prof.(Hon.) Architect Askin Ozcan is a respected member in a variety of organizations like the U.N. affiliated NGO International Association of Educators for World Peace; International Parliament for Safety and Peace; International St. Lukas Academy (Germany); Ö.Albert Schweizer Gesellschafft; Academie Europeenne des Arts


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