Wode Susu
by Tim Lilly

Print on Demand Publisher My Uncle-A Story of the Chinese Mafia
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6 x 9 paperback cream
ISBN: 9781478714118
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FICTION / Action & Adventure
Jan 31, 2013
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Here for the first time ever, is the tale of Chan Wan San told from his nephew’s point of view. He is the Chobun (The Boss) of the Golden Dragon Society, the most secret of all Chinese Mafia organizations. This story covers Chan Wan San's birth in 1916 all the way through to present day events and his influence upon them. The Golden Dragon Society dominated the worldwide heroin and ecstasy trades and abstractly controls all other criminal organizations and influences worldwide governments and their leaders’ actions. The main checkpoint hub for all heroin shipments from Asia is Hawaii, Chan Wan San's nephew Randal Ting and Randal's best friend Tommy Landis oversee near daily shipments and insure their security. When Chan Wan San believes he had reached the zenith of his power the World Global Control Organization (WGCO) extends to him an invitation to join them. The WGCO is a collection of like minded individuals that controls all world governments and the majority of their leaders, and maneuvers them into the decisions they make. This is done so that a harmonious balance of prosperity, economics, famine, poverty, peace, and war is maintained. The lives of the three main characters is a story of intrigue, treachery, gun battles, Chinese black magic, the women they've loved, and; their eventual downfall. This tale is based on a true story and inspired by real events.

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About Tim Lilly

Tim Lilly was born in Washington D.C. on January 16th, 1965. At the age of 3 his family moved from Virginia to Taiwan while his father served in Vietnam as the Director of Air Operations for Air America in Military Region 2 based in Nha Trang. In 1973 the Paris Peace accord was signed thus ending American involvement in the war and Vietnam was declared safe for U.S. Dependants, subsequently; he and his family relocated there shortly after the treaty was signed. On April 1st, 1975 Tim and his family left Vietnam just before Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army on April 30th. They had visited Hawaii several times on vacation and decided to make that their home. His father started a real estate business where Tim began to work at the age of 14. He eventually came to run the company in 2005 but it was decimated by the Great Recession of 2008 and closed its doors on June 30th, 2009. Tim Lilly has been a lifetime martial artist and speaks Mandarin due to his living in Taiwan at such a young age. He is now exploring a career in acting, martial arts stunt work, and is now an author. His first work of fiction; "Wode Susu-My Uncle-A Story Of The Chinese Mafia", is a ground breaking look into the inner workings of the most secretive criminal organization the world has ever known. He did a lot of soul searching and research for 2 years before writing the first line. It is gritty and graphic and it reads like a Martin Scorsese film. On the beginning pages of all his work he writes: "The following is based on a true story and inspired by real events, most of the names and some of the locations have been changed to protect the guilty. You as the reader must decide if what is set down here is true. If you believe it isn't true, the names and locations don't matter". His publisher and many of his readers have said this story is so compelling and believable that they wonder what parts are true and if this is really a work of fiction. The interesting thing about all of his work is the fact that he uses real events and historical timelines to lend credence and believability to his plots, story lines, opinions, and conclusions. He always includes some discussion of the political, social, and ecomonic injustices caused by the greedy few in the world due to his personal experiences. His first novel is under consideration to be adapted to a major motion picture and several meetings were lined up with producers at the time this biography was first printed. All of his books will be spin off coinciding sequels to his first novel. The title of his next work "II CORPS-The CIA In Vietnam is based on the father of one of the central characters of his first novel. He also combined his real father's life experiences in the military and CIA in Vietnam with those of the new fictional central character he created in his new novel. Tim believes that if he is able to turn this book into a feature film it will be the best movie on Vietnam since "Platoon". In Tim's opinion, nothing can beat "Platoon". Tim's favorite authors are W.E.B. Griffin, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and Dale Brown.

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