The Kabbalistic System of The Ari
by Leonard R. Glotzer

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RELIGION / Judaism / General
Sep 09, 2007
The value and insights of Kabbala have in recent years been acknowledged by a wide range of people and by scholars of various backgrounds. Not only have theologians and philosophers shown a great interest in this subject, but lay persons, both Jewish and Gentile, have immersed themselves in this subject, and have at times been rewarded with novel insights into life and its meaning.

In this book, Leonard Glotzer, skillfully analyzes and clarifies one of the most profound and fascinating schools of religious thought, that of the famous 16th century mystic, Isaac Luria. Under Luria's guidance, Kabbala reached unparalleled depth of thought. Its influence remains strong in Jewish theology even today.

The Kabbalistic System of The Ari.

About Leonard R. Glotzer

Leonard R. Glotzer has devoted many years to the in-depth study of Kabbala and is the author of The Fundamentals of Jewish Mysticism. He is an ordained Rabbi, and is actively engaged in the study of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy. In addition, much of his time is devoted to writing poetry in English, Hebrew and Aramaic.

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