The Dogs of Luck
by William Kenly

Print on Demand Publisher Comic Confessions from Warren PA, Corporate America and Family Life
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ISBN: 9781432797867
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SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
Oct 31, 2012
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Remember your own personal episodes that you never told anyone because you didn’t want them to think less of you, those episodes from your teens or twenties that could have turned out far worse? Those times when money and time were more abundant—or just less important? William Kenly’s latest book, The Dogs of Luck, aims a penetrating spotlight on those developmental years, letting their natural humor and irony shine through. From misguided boyhood experimentation (“We were bad Boy Scouts”) to the too-liberated freedoms of post-college corporate ladder-climbing, plus a generous dose of comical family dramas, Kenly helps us laugh at ourselves, at the out-of-the-box experiences that we guiltily locked down below years ago but which are honest experiences of life. He explores formative experiences in his rural hometown, Warren PA, gripping challenges in the corporate world, and the complexities of family life with humor and charm. He has the unnatural ability to turn mortifying and sometimes painful situations into wildly entertaining snapshots of the human condition. Reminiscent of the writings of Augusten Burroughs and David Sedaris, Kenly’s take on dysfunctional life situations and gritty reality that are buried in most people’s past makes for an uncommonly captivating read. The Dogs of Luck was nominated for a 2013 EVVY Award.

About William Kenly

William Kenly is also the author of the highly acclaimed The Dogs of Divorce (2010), and The Dogs of Cancer (2013, with The Dogs of Business due out in 2014. Kenly and his wife live north of Boston in their empty-nest home abutting a state park. They enjoy biking, kayaking, skiing, traveling, and watching their four 20-something-year-old children start their own adult lives. Contact the author at

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