I'm Coming For Yah
by Robin L. Anderson

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5.5 x 8.5 paperback
ISBN: 9781432725204
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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Urban
Oct 03, 2008
SHAKEDOWN! This was the year that it all went down in the book of history. Bronze along with his chain of links beat out every warlord that had the battle up against him. The K.I.A's and W.W.W's were the real game leaders of Bronze's multi organized leadership, which allowed many of them the freedom within themselves to free others from enslavement. Everyone onboard has the qualifications and step levels as a Secondary Chief Master in order to remain who they would always be. That was the setup for life, even after life. K.I.A's and W.W.W's shall never cease. They are being born and created throughout the world for years and generstions ahead. One man's creation is always another man's life...So as it was said, IN THE BEGINNING. I'm Coming For Yah.

So...Yah want it hot track hardcore,
Slammin hammers coming atcha' bustin
straight through your door.
Extra, Extra: Read all about a hit tale.
One of Urban fictions unforgettable screenplayed books. Written with a twister.
Styles of life have changed the whip of the game. Young Bronzeo, "The Black Box",
and leader of his own rich house millenium
broke off very well with his dream theme.
Through Bronze's creations of the K.I.A's and
the W.W.W's, they swept the nation with the highest representation formats.
Cause..This is a hot track hardcore and yah better steer straight and-
fear the catchers mit of the war law. They're
bringing it heads up, to yah-
with the war to war straight raw.
Getting it in and settling the scores, door to door. "That's them."
W.W.W's and K.I.A's, that's what they
were created for.
They are the real transformers of Bronze's
empirical domain. Swimming in richness, dripping with high Octane, Gassed up, as they worked the hardest jobs- handing out their flyers of introduction to the grand mob.
Cause..This is a hot track hardcore,
Getting it in between your blade
and my chainsaw.
For this is how it strictly goes...
Put the wrinkles in the laundry and
let the fresh press creases unfold.
Cause this is a hot track hardcore
and...I'm Coming For Yah!
Shootin out blasting- with the spit licks of rebels behind me" from a spell of ever lasting.
Like a chain of commandments that all shall follow in the aftermath of casting.
For "I Am" who I am...
Behold... "I'M Coming For Yah!"
Love Life" K.I.A's/ W.W.W's...


About Robin L. Anderson

Robin L. Anderson - Urban Mythopoetist, author of the soul stirring A Sin At Birth features hard studies and working with many formats as a full time architect of the human condition. Seeking to enhance a reader's imagination with realistic thoughts and ideas, Ms. Anderson captivates the minds of her audience with stories that come to life.


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