A Sin At Birth
by Robin L. Anderson

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A Sin at Birth goes up in flames, that's where you'll find a heaven of hell.
Where shit is priceless and non-available to sell.
It's a blazin forever that burns from the top of the line of eternity urns.
We don't earn, we just strive to live and burn.
As we weigh our scales- we flip and turn.
Dripping pretty in bling-bling they off to the side,
Where we seperate, multiply and divide.
by Robin L. Anderson aka UrbanMythopoetist

Streets are talking, so don't get into that mix if you don't have all the main ingredients because it's already man-made. When every earth creature fades from bright light to dark black shade.
For those who don't know, this is how we flow.
Back in the year of two thousand was a history for Sheefa and her click. They had life set up and dropped hard, against all odds and knocked game like they were the mob.

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