A Timeless Journey
by Karen Rhodes & Marcelle Rhodes-Webster

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Jan 18, 2008
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Welcome to...
"A Timeless Journey"

A Book You'll Never Forget!

Although "A Timeless Journey" is a book of fiction - we hope it will assist the readers in connecting with their birth, life, and passing over.

This is not a religious book.

It is a book of gritty stories and scientific details that relay both current and historical mysteries - which, hopefully, directs the readers on a search to discovering the hidden messages in each linking story. How these stories influence and connect our lives leads for extremely intriguing and thought-provoking reading.

A Must Read!

Also featuring the author's photography from around the world.

What if we came from a world that was so advanced and unrelated to this one?

What if we came from a place where there is no sickness, fear, or hate?

What if we conducted experimental tests on different planets - planets that were created just for this purpose?

Imagine these experiments being not your typical experiments with laboratory coats, rats and chemicals - but experiments of the heart.

We want to take you on a journey...A Timeless Journey.

You decide if it's truth or fantasy.

About Karen Rhodes & Marcelle Rhodes-Webster

Karen Rhodes and her sister Marcelle Rhodes-Webster are the middle sisters in a family of four daughters. They were raised in middle class America outside of Detroit, Michigan.

After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, and after raising their children, they began to question their core beliefs.

This book is a result of that discomforting questioning.
Journey with them on this quest. You decide what is your reality.

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